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I am a fashion blogger. Did you know that? It’s true! My fashion blog is called Hanging on the Line. On my fashion blog I write about fashion! Here is the latest post: 


Transitioning from winter wear to spring wear can be a real challenge. To get in the right spring fashion headspace, remind yourself of what pastel colours look like and focus your attention on how they are just like non-pastel colours, only lighter.

This necklace was my mother’s. She said she bought it in 1974. She said she always thought it looked like the beads were filled with ketchup.

I went to Bulk Barn which is a very big store that has too much bulk food plus also some other things like containers of hummus. Eleven things I noticed at Bulk Barn:
1. Funsorts do look like fun. Also, they look British, but maybe that’s because of the name.
2. Apart from the brown gravy mix, everything there is very colourful! 
3. It looks like I might be able to build something out of candy blox. Maybe I could build somewhere to store my bicycle.
4. There is something that differentiates a warhead chew from an assorted chew, but I don’t know what it is.
5. Those all-vegetable bug shape pastas are probably just bugs.
6. I found licorice babies for sale but I’m not sure what happened to the licorice parents.
7. Juicy teeth gummies can be mistaken for dentures. 
8. There are some good names for things such as Garden of Eatin’. That’s one of the more original names. Brown gravy mix could use a name update.
9. Kracker nuts are probably crunchier as kracker nuts than they would be as cracker nuts.
10. Was-Ub? Ee? I don’t know about this. I think Was-Ub, Ee? would be a better option. It’s just as corny, but makes a little more sense. I like the comma in my version. Anyhow, Bulk Barn probably has a very good copyeditor on staff.
11.  Every one of those bins looks very full which means that nobody is there to buy anything and they’re just there to take photos instead.*

*Here is evidence that I wasn’t the only Torontonian taking photos at the Bulk Barn. 

I only overheated the shredder once!

LSD shoes

I love springtime in Toronto.

Tinfoil lids


These are some of the things at Hello Darling Café

This is what the inside of my piano looks like when it’s on the carpet. 

This is what the inside of my piano looks like when it’s on the carpet.