I like all the best things!
Some of these things are RIGHT HERE.
On the internet!

1. I have a website.
2. You can follow me on Twitter.

Three more things:
1. I have a laundry-centric fashion blog.
2. I document trends in outdoor living.
3. I wrote a series of letters to Steven Spielberg.

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I found stripes! 

I found stripes! 

Plain ice cubes and cucumber ice cubes!

I’d never seen such a small watermelon!

This is how to bike to college.

I had to bring my laptop in for repair and a day later I went to pick it up. Here is what I saw.

This is what I saw today.

Someone is tearing stuff apart.

These are things that belong outside your house.

Some beans are purple, other beans are yellow.

Today’s scenery