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3. I wrote a series of letters to Steven Spielberg.

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When I went to the post office and asked for stamps, they gave me a booklet filled with Shania Twain’s face. I said, “Shania Twain?”* The post office lady asked what I wanted instead and I chose the Queen. 

*Obviously, I should have said, “That don’t impress me much.”

Hair Play Salon

So fast!!!

Today I saw the preview of Ghostbusters 3.


Today I took the library’s course on 3D printing! I hardly knew what a 3D printer was before and now I know practically everything. This is what I learned: 
1. You can make 3D printed objects out of chocolate.
2. You can make 3D printed object out of pizza.
3. You can make 3D printed objects out of plastic, wax, or metal.
4. 3D printed objects can be hollow or solid or somewhere in-between.
5. Objects that you can make using a 3D printer include tiny orange mugs, tiny high-heeled shoes (bright pink!), cup holders, cases for your phone, tiny heads, miniature basketballs, the CN Tower, and pieces of Lego
6. You can use a 3D printer to make the missing knob on your stove or you can use a 3D printer to make a robotic hand
7. You can print anything on 3D printers at the Toronto Public Library except for weapons and sexual objects.

There’s a bear in a bike basket on Bloor.

It’s a bit chaotic in here!

These are coronation grapes. They’re from Ontario!

My computer died! I took it to the store and it was extra busy there because of the new technology. There were zillions (zillions!!!) of people gathered around tables and touching screens. I had to climb over all the people. Then I had to sit and wait for someone to look at my dead computer. Meanwhile, there were new iPhones on a table and I got to stare at them for an hour! They could have hired me as security. When the fix-it guy showed up, he said my computer was dead!