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3. I wrote a series of letters to Steven Spielberg.

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These are coronation grapes. They’re from Ontario!

My computer died! I took it to the store and it was extra busy there because of the new technology. There were zillions (zillions!!!) of people gathered around tables and touching screens. I had to climb over all the people. Then I had to sit and wait for someone to look at my dead computer. Meanwhile, there were new iPhones on a table and I got to stare at them for an hour! They could have hired me as security. When the fix-it guy showed up, he said my computer was dead!

I have a bag that looks like this.

The swimming pool!

There’s a new garden next to the furniture store. The plants went in just today. Here’s what people on the corner had to say: 

"You shoulda seen those construction guys trying to plant those things."
-Tattoo Guy, motorcycler

"It’s gonna be full of garbage in three days."
-Furniture Guy, stoner

"It’s supposed be like one of those natural gardens? Like from nature? I don’t like it."
-Neighbour, teacher

Toronto has new streetcars! I got all the latest info.


The Toronto Reference Library. If you go to there to work, they’ll put you in a bubble. (Photo by Shari Kasman)

I answered some questions about what I’m doing because Suzanne Andrew (who has a novel called Circle of Stones coming out next year) tagged me to take part in a writerly blog tour. Other people, such as Julia the Birder, have answered questions, too. 

Would you like to read my answers to the questions? Of course you would. Here they are:

What am I working on now?
I’m working on several things at once. I’m writing stories. Short ones. Fiction. They’re based on nothing. If I get a good stapler, I’ll staple them together and let you read them, or maybe there’s a machine that glues pages together so the thing seems less like stapled-together pages, and more like a book, and maybe you could read the pages in that format. The future is so uncertain. I’m also working on writing about things that come from reality.

I tend to accumulate writing so my computer is full, and I think it’s getting fat, maybe to the point that you would describe it by using the word obese. Sometimes when I finish things, I send these things out, then I get rejection letters. Usually they’re boring, impersonal letters, but if I’m lucky they will say something relevant to what I’ve submitted. Maybe the letter will even begin with “Dear Shari.” Sometimes I ask editors if they’re interested in publishing articles, then they usually say they aren’t interested because they’d prefer to have someone write an article on soapmaking or new kinds of beer. Maybe I will publish all these rejection letters as a collection. I would prefer to get rejections in the mailbox, but most of them are e-rejections, which would look less nice in my rejections collection than rejections on letterhead — preferably handwritten rejection letters. I would also like funnier rejection letters. The rejection format/style is not up to me, but maybe I can put in a special request for future rejections. 

Also, I have been working on a book project that’s too exciting to describe over the internet. I can’t wait to tell you more about it some other time. If you ask me, I’ll probably give you details! 

How does my work differ from others in the genre?
All of my work comes from my head, not yours, so no matter what genre, my work is more like me and how I am rather than like you and how you are.

Why do I write what I do?
It’s impossible to write what I don’t.

How does my writing process work?
Ideally, I sit down and write and keep writing rather than sit down and write and stop writing after five minutes to get up and have a snack, even if it’s a healthy snack, like almonds. I like writing notes into my notebook, but sometimes things go straight into the computer. Either/or. I write so much garbage! Sometimes it’s funny garbage, which is better than garbagey garbage.


No more questions, no more answers! That’s it!

I’ve asked Ashleigh Gaul and A.G. Pasquella to answer questions next. Ashleigh Gaul lives in Yellowknife where she writes articles on interesting things and works for Up Here Magazine,which is not a magazine about skyscrapers. A.G. Pasquella writes books and has a blog about eating hamburgers.

You don’t know how bad one coffee shop’s coffee is until you try.
Book of Greatest Thoughts, Shari Kasman

One truck, so many things.

I got an email from someone named kimokauihou, but it sounds like something George Saunders wrote. Here’s the message:

Aloha Ward Council,

Brother Putegnat and I visited following families on 8/27/14:

Peter Kaleikini family - We invited family to Temple day but he is working and wife is non-member. We will ask him to take missionary lessons with family shortly. Very friendly and works most weekends. Bro Putegnat passed card to neighbor.

Van Duesen family - No one home.

Kawika Smith family - We talked story with him for long time. Invited him to Temple activity but he’s working that day even some Sundays. Family doing great and expecting baby soon. Very friendly and likes to talk about work and not golfing as much as his Dad.