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1. I bet there are museums/galleries that have walls big enough to accommodate the shark from Jaws, and those are the sorts of places that probably have a large selection of big hooks in stock.
2. Taxiderming? Ew.
3. I know a couple who has a taxidermied fish hanging on a wall in their house.
4. That fish is bigger than a minnow and smaller than the shark from Jaws.
5. Taxiderming? Ew.

Yes, I wrote another letter to Steven Spielberg even though he hasn’t replied to any of my recent letters.

Here is a photo of today’s letter elasticized to Steven Spielberg’s blue bicycle:

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Photo: Cool career book

Judging by the size of this book, girls with animals don’t have many career options. Really, though, Pasternak & Thornburg neglected to include a couple of great careers: If you’re a girl with a pet rabbit, why not become a magician? If you have a family of raccoons living in your backyard, why not become a taxidermist?